Welcome to the Sistermoon website.

We make original driftwood pieces using natural driftwood sourced from the South African beaches. This makes each piece completely unique, and much searched for - a true artwork provided by nature.

We produce the following products:

lights sculptures angels
Lamps are made from either bundles of finer driftwood or single sculptural pieces. They are mounted with a stainless steel rod on a 30mm perspex. These pieces of driftwood are sourced from the South African coastline and aged through time. Each piece is mounted on 30mm clear perspex on a stainless steel rod. These angels are made using driftwood for the wings, face, arms and legs. Embroidered cotton and linen is hand sewn to create individual dresses.

Sistermoon comprises of sisters Petra Gevers and Kirstin Lund. For further information on our retail outlets please contact us on nlund@mweb.co.za or +27 (21) 790 7001.